Janice Barnes, PhD, MSc, MArch, BArch

Managing Partner, Climate Adaptation Partners

Courses Taught

PUBH 6250 Public Health, Cities, & the Climate Crisis

Ask Me About

Appalachian Hiking Trails, Foraging, & Farm-Fresh Food

Brief Bio

As an architect working at the intersection of climate change, public health, and design strategy, I collaborate with friends in many disciplines, particularly health. Over the last several years, I’ve been working with health experts on the New York State Climate Impact Assessment, the New York City Panel on Climate Change, NOAA’s National Integrated Heat Health Information System Pilot Program, and HUD’s Climate Change Technical Assistance Program. Through collaborations across cities and institutions, my work rests on a core premise about climate change: #WeCantUnknowThis. Each day my efforts try to broaden awareness of climate-related health impacts, increase coping resources in the communities where I work, encourage hazard mitigation inclusive of public health concerns, and prepare those same communities for the types of changes we’ll experience this century.